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28. House salad   $5.95      

Lettuce, red onion, carrot, tomato , cucumber and peanut sauce dressing


29. Papaya Salad(BEGINNER SPICY) $8.95

Green papaya with fresh chili, tomato, carrot, stringbean ,lime juice, fish sauce and top with peanut 


30. chicken or Beef Salad (BEGINNER SPICY) $8.95

Sliced grilled steak or ground chicken with red onion, bell pepper, scallion , lime leaf , mint and lettuce


31. Mixed Seafood Spicy Salad (BEGINNER SPICY) $14.95

Sliced grilled shrimp or  squid  with red onion, bell pepper, scallion, lime leaf , lettuce , mint 


32. Seaweed salad $6.95


 Spiciness  Level: 


spicy lover                                                                     

Mouth Explosion

Hot as Hell

At your request

We can make any entre gluten free

please ask one of our staff for further details


At your request

we can make any entre as hot as you like



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